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Railway Applications Engineering

We are an engineering office specializing in rail vehicles, platform barrier systems, and their interfaces. Thanks to our decades of experience and our know-how in technical development and system analysis, we can make a crucial difference for you.

Our core competency is the development and evaluation of the functional and overall integrative design strategies and the associated future-oriented technical solutions. We focus on the balance between costs, ecological progress, increased reliability, and the highest safety standards.

Active participation in R&D projects and membership in various standardization committees is in the DNA of our company and enables us to actively shape the future of the railway.

Railway Applications Engineering stands for transparency, legal certainty and reliability. Our proof of suitability is available daily and can also be found in the list of suitable companies in the Austrian Contractor Register (ANKOE).

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With our expertise, we support you from concept to homologation in the development of systems and functions. We work across the entire spectrum from local passenger transport to high-speed trains, as well as locomotives, freight wagons, special vehicles, and their technical interface systems. Our engineering services team can be assigned to technical project management, system integration, RAM management, and homologation management. As an innovation company, we also work on feasibility studies and research projects.

The railway has already achieved what is still a dream in the automotive industry: driverless operation! We have intensively researched the associated technologies and philosophies and we are convinced that we can help our customers with their future development. Be it the system environment for passenger boarding, derailment detection, driver assistance systems, obstacle detection, vehicle diagnostics, or the possible use of artificial intelligence, we love technological challenges and we’re always one step ahead with our knowledge.

Unfortunately, the costs of the entire railway are still too high. That’s why we’ve been evaluating benchmarks and total costs for years. With our ideas and suggestions for improvement, we will help you design new and existing systems more cost-effectively. Would you like to get your vehicle onto the rails on time or implement detailed solutions for future-oriented technology?
Test our knowledge and willingness to cooperate and ask us specific questions.

  • Technical project management and system integration
    • Award strategy and creation of tender documents
    • Offer strategies and creation of offer documentation
    • Vehicle concepts and submittal documents
    • Vehicle architecture models and model-based system engineering
    • Requirements management
    • Compliance with standards and standard strategies
    • Total cost models & cost analyses
    • Verification models for life cycle costs
  • RAM management complete (EN 50126 / IEC 62278)
    • RAM planning and processes
    • Analyses of reliability, availability, and maintainability
    • FRACAS & 8D
  • Homologation management
    • Dossier for pre-engagement
    • Creation of compliant evidence documentation
    • Determination of standards & regulations
    • Formal and content-related check of technical documentation (Submittal documents, operating manuals, and maintenance documentation)
    • Support in interaction with authorities and assessors

Leading with competence and innovation



In the context of engineering, we offer various maintenance services. We have been working with total cost models and maintenance cost analyses of rail vehicles for many years and can state with absolute certainty that the maintenance costs currently far exceed the acquisition costs in the life cycle (~ factor 2) for rail vehicles in passenger transport. The competence and experience of an entity in charge of maintenance (ECM) or the manufacturing industry are hard to beat, but an outside perspective can provide new optimization opportunities to reduce maintenance costs.

We welcome you to provide insight into your development or maintenance management process. We are familiar with the industry benchmarks, and we support technology companies that reduce costs and promote ecology. We are so confident in our performance that we also offer service models where our service is free as long as you cannot claim any savings!
Let us provide you with non-binding information about our service models or our maintenance strategies.

  • Cost driver analysis
  • Original/identical/replica parts or improved technological spare parts solutions
  • Alternative wear materials and consumables
  • Technological improvements for measurement and inspection
    Optimization of maintenance programs
  • Validation programs for interval extensions
  • Safety relevant changes of maintenance plans
  • Safety critical components
  • Technology analysis for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring
  • Support for Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • Processes for Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM)
  • Refurbishment and service life extension

We work with the best companies in the field of innovative solutions for railway applications


Assessment and Evaluation

We offer various services relating to the assessment and evaluation of railway applications. We are recognized by several official authorities and rely on our long-standing cooperation with a renowned Austrian office in the railway sector and we carry out our reports exclusively with Arsenal Railway Certification GmbH.

You benefit from our unique technological knowledge in combination with the experience of a company with extensive accreditation, consistent quality management, and transparent checking routines for assessments.

When it comes to assessment services, impartiality, independence, freedom from discrimination, and the highest level of integrity are our maxims. Our work is based on the standards surrounding ISO/IEC 170xx, the rules of professional conduct for Austrian engineering offices, and the main association of court experts. The extensive knowledge of the current European legal regulations and global standards for railway applications (ISO/TC 269) are the foundation of our work. As a member of the Austrian Standard Institute and participants in various working groups, we are also kept up to date with current developments in the area of European legislation and international standardization.

Ask us about our current detailed portfolio of expert services or test our know-how.
We will provide you with practical answers to the interpretation of regulations.

  • Compliance with legal requirements in the European Union
  • Conformity with national legislation of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland
  • Independent Safety Assessment (ISA)
  • Risk management and functional safety
  • Vehicle architecture and safety-relevant control functions or systems
  • Safety related technologies for driverless operation
  • Safety management systems and safety audits
  • Verification and validation
  • Time value, utility value and residual value analysis of used and accident vehicles
  • Root causes analysis of accidents and repair costs
  • Conformity of bodyside entrance and platform barrier systems
  • Evaluation of bidding documents

We believe in railway and its contribution to a necessary ecological turnaround in the transport sector


Training & Workshops

We are happy to share our knowledge and have many years of experience in the field of training and workshops for rail vehicles. In general, we try to be as practical as possible so that what you have learned can be implemented straight away in your everyday working life.

Our workshops always include active elements such as exercise examples, and we are willing to adapt our training specifically to your needs. We offer our service online, on site or in conference centers in larger cities. From our point of view, better education helps the entire industry, which is why we can also recommend other training offers available on the market. In the area of safety, we would like to point out the Rail Safety Campus, which also involves us as speakers.

Examples from our workshop program
  • RAMS Introduction (terms, background, methods)
  • Safety / Functional Safety
    • Safety management overview
    • Safety process CSM-RA / EN 50126 / SIRF
    • Methods & tools in safety management (Hazard Log, TeSiP & SAS, Risk Graph & SIL, FMEA, FTA, HAZOP, HAZID)
    • Application of EN 50126 and EN 50129 and safety evidence
    • CSM-RA & AsBo – Best Practice
    • Approval in the context of safety management
  • Reliability, availability, maintainability, maintenance costs
    • Basics
    • Application of EN 50126
    • Methods & Tools RAM
    • Maintenance cost analysis / maintenance optimization
    • Benchmarking on life cycle costs of rail vehicles
    • Cost driver analysis
  • Standards / regulations
    • Laws, Regulations, standards, other guides, light rail up to high speed, product law, state of the art / science, organizations, and committees
    • Requirements Capture
  • Training of maintenance activities in theory and practice


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