RAE Railway Applications Engineering

About Us

Personalities – Who are we?

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Company Overview & Key Figures

Company size: <10 employees
Core business area: Europe
Average experience per team member: >20 years
Completed assessments (mainly as AsBo): >20
Company languages: German / English
Total sales distribution to date:

Working Style & Promises

Adherence to deadlines and consistent project management are not empty promises. Try us! We will notify you within 3 working days as to whether we can process your order and, depending on the scope, we can submit a valid offer within 10 working days.

Know-how and lifelong learning are our greatest assets. We like to share our knowledge and work only on projects where we have a high level of specialist knowledge. We set the bar for collaborations very high.

We love teamwork. As a small business, we can handle projects of any size. We rely on our decades of experience and, if necessary, form working groups based on our global network. Our approach gives us enormous flexibility.

Communication is a key element for our success. Talk to us, and we will listen to you. We use every communication medium, but unfortunately language is sometimes a barrier. That’s why we already have existing cooperation agreements with French, Spanish, Polish, Czech, and Romanian-speaking experts and can also offer short-term project support in these languages.

Vision, Philosophy and Logo

We are committed to advancing railway development to support eco-friendly transportation and aim to contribute to this effort. As engineers we use our creativity and our knowledge. We are convinced that the future lies in intermodal transport and that the railway will play a key role. To us, this is the natural consequence based on clear technical factors. The energy efficiency of wheel and rail is unparalleled, combined with the existing transport capacity, rail vehicles should be used exactly where they are needed.

Our logo pays tribute to our hands-on experience in the interdisciplinary field of RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety), drawing a creative parallel between the acronym’s letters and the mountain animal. We believe that RAMS is an essential part of an overall solution strategy for the railway. And, of course, humour is important in our work. With a twinkle in our eyes, we want to tell you that our company is the GOAT of railway engineering.



  • Recognition of the Swiss Federal Office of Transport as a risk assessment body (RBS) for the rolling stock
  • Engineering support for Nevomo (magnetic railway technology) in cooperation with PJ Motion
  • Conformity assessment for tramways in Austria – Area of ​​expertise: control technology and bodyside entrance doors


  • Lecturer for Rail Safety Campus
  • Assessment of accident repair costs for Helvetia Insurance
  • Exclusive cooperation agreement for assessments with Arsenal Railway Certification GmbH
  • Commercial representation for AW-Solutions
  • Conformity assessment for tramways in Switzerland – Area of ​​expertise: bodyside entrance doors
  • Expert recognition of the Swiss BAV
  • Acceptance for the reference list of non-governmental experts of the Vienna Magistrate for construction, energy, railway, and aviation law (MA64)
  • Workshops: RAM, safety and life cycle costs at Siemens Mobility Austria


  • Trademark registration
  • Orders for safety assessments from new customers: Alstom, RINA, KOLOWAG (freight wagons)


  • CSM-RA assessment order for a special vehicle
  • CSM-RA evidence documentation complete – Zephir LOKOM 13.90.E shunting locomotives assessment by Bureau Veritas IT (AsBo)


  • Completion of safety assessment reports of the first orders
  • Covid 19 – digital office is the living reality of work


  • Business registration of RAE Railway Applications Engineering e.U. by Guenther Staudner as an engineering office for transportation
    Time value analysis of the 1014 locomotive fleet
  • Assessment orders CSM-RA and REQ Capture for Stadler passenger vehicles as the foundation for continuous cooperation


  • Cooperation agreements with Arsenal Railway Certification GmbH and ERC GmbH


  • Recognition of Günther Staudner as Austrian court expert for various specialist areas


We are looking forward to hearing from you.